Hangin’ in Ucluelet

A few weekends ago, thanks to my parents, Cam and I got away for the weekend to explore Ucluelet.

We headed up after lunch on Friday and headed back Sunday morning so that we’d be back in time to take care of regular kids/school night/chores. Weekend Warriors!

Ucluelet was a little sleepy this time of year (Okay with me!) so not everything was open. (Apparently the pizza place is great – but it was closed!) We had a great dinner and good beer (yum) at the Cedar Grill on the Friday. Got up early Saturday morning and grabbed latte’s at the Barley Cafe…and then headed off on our first hike.

The lady at our hotel had mentioned the Wild Pacific Trail and how we should do it the opposite way everyone else does…because it gets really crowded. Well that made me not want to do the trail at all! Some people are cool – but crowds??? Yikes! Talk about a nature-buzz-kill!

Anyway, all my trail snobbery aside…we decided that it might make for a nice coffee walk – after all it was only 2.6km…and 7:30am!

So we did that…and it was nice. Had the trail to ourselves and drank some coffee. It didn’t take us too long – so we decided to hit up the rest of the trail on the other side of town.

That part of the Wild Pacific trail was gorgeous. My favorite spot was around the artist loops. We hung out and drank more coffee, watched the waves…and hoped the light would change.

It did!

Just as we were getting to leave, the flat grey sky opened up with just a hint of soft light…Enough to bring the landscape to life.

I love hikes like that. If you stick around long enough, there’s always a reward.

The rest of our weekend, we made pizza, went kayaking and walked Long Beach before the drive home. We’ll be back soon!

The light changed at the Artist Loops just as we were about to leave. I could have sat here for hours just watching the waves…

Long arms to the rescue!

Soaking in that little bit of warmth from the sun.

I swear it only took us three trys to get this shot!

You can’t go to a beautiful sandy beach and not run barefoot!

You can’t go to a beautiful sandy beach and not practice your karate kicks!

Sunset at Little Beach. Was a bit windy and smelled a bit herring-roe-ish…but you’d never know by the photo!

Bright and early paddle and coffee’s on the water.

Cam paddling all picture perfect…

Loaded the boats on the roof and managed to get to Long Beach for a walk before the ride home.

Quick sun-shiny hangout on the way home.

And my new love…a super-sweet new hoody!
(I’m wearing it right now as I write this!)

Anyone want to go back with me to do some landscape photography?

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