Kagan Bay, Sleeping Beauty and the journey Home

After leaving Mosquito Lake, we ended up driving right onto the last ferry of the day back to Graham Island. Talk about timing!

We decided to go and check out Kagan Bay Rec sites just outside of Queen Charlotte. There was one site left – so we grabbed it.

The next morning, we drove the wild logging road up to the Sleeping Beauty Trail head. By the time we got up there, it was pouring rain. Ah well, we were there – so we may as well do the hike.

The first part of the hike was a bit of a bushwack. And because it was raining…we ended up being soaked in no time. Eventually the trail opened up and became more enjoyable. There were some ladders and ropes to help you get up…it was a bit of a grind.

By the time we got up to the ridge, it had stopped raining. You couldn’t see much – but we decided to hang out anyway. After some water, and an apple…the sun just started to peak out.

We got a view, took some silly photos and headed back down. The rest of the day was a bit lazy. We drove to Tlell for the farmers market and espresso (it was Sunday – not everything was open) and went back to hang out at camp.

The next day started our 3 day journey home. We had two full days of ferry rides – Skidegate to Prince Rupert and then Prince Rupert to Port Hardy. They were pretty uneventful. I read a book in one day (a real privilege in the age of raising children!), edited photos and just relaxed. Everyone once and a while you’d jump up to see a whale. I saw a humpback fin and a bunch of blow. But nothing more exciting then that!

 Our last night away – we noticed the sun setting and realized that was the first time we had actually seen it set since our first night at Greeny Lake. We were so far north, that we only really saw the dark once or twice on our trip.

We made it home around 3pm on Wednesday, day 12 of our adventure. 

Thankfully, Heather had planned to stick around for a day – so we got the Bongo all cleaned up and repacked for our family canoe trip two days later!

It’s hard to sum up such an amazing adventure. I think my favorite part of the whole thing was just going with the flow. We went without an agenda and just did what we felt like doing. There was so much room for quiet, contemplation and rest…as well as fun and a tiny dose of adrenaline.

I loved every minute of it.

(except for the time where I went to wash out the campsink in the ocean. The tide was out and almost lost my sandles in shin deep sludge…I forgot to mention that!)

What a trip.



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