Paddling the Yakoun River, Haida Gwaii

One of my all time favorite things is spontaneous adventure.

After hiking the Golden Spruce Trail, Heather and I were driving back down the logging road intending to eventually get to the vistor centre in Queen Charlotte. We were 5 minutes down the road when we looked out the window and were like – what is that???

There was a mysterious landscape we could see through the trees. It looked like a tonne of massive driftwood sitting in the river…but with trees and bushes growing out of it. There just happened to be a pull-out for the van as soon as we noticed. We jumped out and went down to the river. Sure enough, was this beautiful landscape. I had never seen anything like it.

Heather looked at me and asked – should we go for a paddle? Um, Yes! I answered. Within a few minutes we had packed some water, snacks and our camera equipment and unloaded the canoe. We loaded up the boat and went off on a spontaneous canoe ride.

Once we had paddled past all the driftwood, we decided to paddle further up the Yakoun. I loved how beautiful the river was along the trail and had hoped to paddle that section. We paddled and paddled and the river banks had finally started to get a little closer together. We kept saying…”we’ll just go up around that bend”. Eventually, we were chatted up by a man on the river bank. He told us we had just missed their annual canoe race! We chatted a bit longer and then he mentioned that we were paddling the river at a funny time. The tide was going out…so if we waited much longer, we’d get back to the driftwood and have to walk our canoe back to the car! Yikes!

So I didn’t get to paddle the section of the Yakoun I wanted to (another trip!?!)…we decided neither of us really wanted to have to lug the canoe all the way back to the car.

Luckily, the tide wasn’t completely out when we returned and we were able to paddle pretty close to where we had put the boat in.


We loaded up, ate some food and wondered where we’d end up for the night!


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