We made it!

Day 5 – Writing from Masset’s Ground Coffee Shop. They close in 9 minutes…so I’m quickly putting this update together!

Good morning from our tent in Smithers. It was going to cost us an extra $6 to sleep in the Bongo…so we pitched a tent.

We stopped for a hike in the woods at Exchamsiks River Provincial Park on the way to Prince Rupert. You can’t not hopscotch when you’re in the woods!

The bongo and Monty Starr looking good.

Heather after having to BACK INTO the ferry!

Our room for the night.

It was worth spending the $120 just for the round window.

Are we there yet???

Balance Rock at 6:30am. We got off the ferry and started driving north. This was just a bit past Skidegate. Great place to kill some time until things open and we could figure out where we were going…

Heather and Balance Rock.

You can’t swing and not smile!

Turns out nothing was open anywhere until 10am. So we drove to Masset and ended up on North Beach for the night.

North Beach from Tow Hill. And absoutley stunning spot. The wind was blowing so hard, but we found this little spot that was sheltered and just sat in the sun, mezmerized by the motion of the waves. What a spot.

We were here! Tow Hill lookout.

Not often in life do you get to look down on a pair of bald eagles sitting in a tree. Seriously amazing.

North Beach. Our home for the night. We went to bed at 10pm and the sun still hadn’t set…

Forgot Heather this morning. She forgave me.

Riding bikes on Tow Hill Road. We couldn’t help to pull the van over and just go for a ride. So pretty!

Moon Over Naikoon Bakery. A little bakery bus off the beaten path. What a treat!

And oh the cinnamon buns!

We’re headed back down south to Tlell tonight. Maybe hike to a shipwreck tomorrow morning. We’ll see!


(See instagram for the real story about Heather and the canoe on the road photo!)



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