In-Person Sales: 3 easy steps to transition your photography business

In-person Sales - 3 easy stepsThe switch from running a shoot n’burn company to a high-value photography company can be a bit overwhelming. Some people have the ability to dive in a make the switch almost overnight. But for many photographers that have the desire to make the change, the process can paralyzing. That’s why I thought I would give you 3 easy steps for transitioning your business into in-person sales, that you can do today!

Step 1. Implement a no-emailing-the-price-list policy in your company! From now one, you are offering a high level of customer service – so you are going to take the time to call them or invite them in for a consultation. Remember – people do business with people they like! Think about it…if you haven’t given your clients the chance to get to know you, they only reason they will do business with you is based on price. And we really want to get away from that, right?

Step 2. Restrict your file size. Just because you’re going to start selling physical products, doesn’t mean you have to stop selling digitals. Especially if you’re worried about alienating your current client base – start by restricting the file size. In other words, include a smaller file instead of the entire thing! By restricting the file size, you have created an opportunity to sell them something larger. I recommend that you only sell print-ready files if they have purchased a physical print from you (and restrict the file size on those too!). You can read more of my recommendations for selling digital files here.

Step 3. Work out your cost of doing business. Knowing and understanding your numbers is the first step to feeling confident in the sales room. Once you understand exactly how much money you need to support your lifestyle and run a profitable business, you’ll find it a million times easier to ask people for money! If you need some help pricing out your products check out this post.







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