Adventures in Qualicum Beach

This past weekend was Clio’s birthday…and it also happened to be a long weekend – so we ventured off to Qualicum Beach with the family for a little get-away.

I have a habit of getting overly excited about adventure weekends…and I want to bring EVERYTHING! Bikes, boats, climbing gear…everything! But, because I’m learning that when you adventure with kids – that’s a lot more stuff to lug around (not to mention the packing and unpacking) this weekend we packed light…and just brought lifejackets, helmets and headlamps and rain gear (so we wouldn’t be stuck inside).

We rented a lovely little cottage on the beach in Qualicum and spent our days attempting to catch our dinner (crabs!), sitting by the campfire and managed to get out for a few family-friendly adventures in the area. Here are the highlights in photos:

Hangin’ at the beach. Test subject for Clio’s bday portrait.

The BTS shot (behind the scenes) The spotter, and the distracter! See Clio’s birthday portrait here.

Happy Birthday Clio!

Opening prezzies!

A new camp chair!

Campfires with the fam!

Roasting marshmallows. Oliver really, really wanted to try shoving a little piece of chocolate inside the marshmallow and then roast it. After reluctantly letting him experiement…it turned out awesome and everyone gave it a try!

Gini out on the SUP at sunset.

Cam was out first thing in the morning while the water was calm. Hoping to test out the new crab trap!

This looks like a good spot!?!

Cam after checking the pot a second time. Did you catch any? Did you catch any? Yup..One rock crab! Not exactly the feast we were hoping for…but enough to keep us trying! If you know anything about the art of catching crabs…please share!

We went and explored Little Qualicum falls. It was a 3km kid friendly hike. There is a lot of chainlink fence for safety reasons…so a bit of a nature-buzz-kill – but the falls were really beautiful. Here’s Oliver and Clio trying to catch their Gran.

The bridge over Little Qualicum Falls (upper).

Little Qualicum Falls

We also took the kids to explore Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park. There are some caves that are self-guided – so we packed our helmets and headlamps and went to check them out. “To the Caves!” Rocks give you power. Roots give you speed. (This is a popular game on the trail.)

Caves are super cool!

You guys go ahead. I’m gonna sit here and eat fishy crackers.

We spelunked!

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