Almost Hawaii

Last week I was lucky enough to sneak away with Cameron for a few nights for our 1st year anniversary trip! (Thanks m&d) After a looooong 35 minute drive, we arrived at our destination, Point-no-point resort. We had a lovely little cabin with fabulous views and spent our time exploring the local trails and beaches. Other then about a 10 degree temperature difference – it wasn’t all that much different then our trip to Hawaii last year. Beautiful lush hikes, rolling waves, sunshine and great company. Here’s some photos from our little getaway-adventure. Enjoy!

Bridge to the point.


Looking back at the cabins nestled in the woods.

Dancing Trees. 

A secret beach.

We were there!

I’ve been working on my figure…

The view from our cabin.

Woke up early and packed our breakfast to take down to Mystic Beach one morning. Drove through Jordan River and got to see this…so beautiful.


Hiking down to Mystic. 

Beach to ourselves.

Well, almost to ourselves. 

Cam decided to give the rope a go after it didn’t break for the last guy…



That’s better form.


My turn. 

I was thinking “don’t let go, don’t let go, don’t let go!”

Loved the sandstone walls. Could have sat and watched the light on them all day.

Hawaii? West Coast Vancouver Island in December?

Soaking it up.

I loved the shape of the branches on this tree. I couldn’t pass it without taking a photograph.

Afternoon at the beach house. 

More sunshine and waves.