Camping at Mosquito Lake, Haida Gwaii

We arrived at Mosquito Lake in the rain. After talking to the folks at the Queen Charlotte visitor centre about the logging roads – we decided it sounded pretty straightforward. We stocked up on food and gas and then caught the 4:30 ferry to Moresby Island. It was about a 50 minute drive over 25km on logging roads to get to the rec site. There was no one there. I don’t know why we were surprised. It was pouring rain!

We had our choice of the waterfront campsites and picked the brightest one. I got to work hanging a tarp off the Bongo and Heather started the reorg inside. Within about 45 minutes or so, we had a pretty nice camp set up. We sat outside and watched the rain fall on the lake while we made our veggie rice wraps. Good thing we brought those tv trays with us!


We had unloaded the canoe at the boat ramp – as the pathway down to the lake was a bit much to negotiate when wet. 

That night turned out to be a bit buggy. We couldn’t open the windows because the little no-see-ums were so bad – so we had a bit of a stuffy nights sleep.

The next morning, I wandered down to the lake and thought I saw a ladder in the distance. Yes, forsure – I saw a ladder on a dock! We loaded up the canoe with our coffee and swim stuff and went for a morning adventure.

The lake was black and reflected the clouds – so it was pretty trippy to jump into.


Heather went first!

We hung out, drank our coffees and decided to go for a longer paddle to explore the lake. We went back to camp, packed up lunch and headed out for the day.

It was so dreamy!

I knew there were some mountains around here!

A little creek we hiked up after a lunch break.

The wind picked up after our lunch break, so we had to really negotiate the waves and paddle hard. Luckily the wind was mostly behind us. After a four hour trip, we got back to shore, had a raddler and decided we were more than content with our Mosquito Lake adventure and decided to break camp.

We weren’t exactly sure where we were going to go…but that was all part of the fun!


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