Day one. It’s deep – waist deep.

mwp ski selfieIt was epic:

I found myself waist deep in snow, which, if I was actually on my skis, would have been a good thing. But it was my first day of the ski season and I was working out the kinks. First lap, I skinned up with my boots in “ski” mode. Second lap, I decided to take a different track to capture some friends skiing down. (Gotta document the day…get a few pix.)  Suddenly my boot flew out of my binding and I post-holed deep into the snow. The rest of my body followed and I found myself in a tangled face plant. I tried to get up but every limb and pole I attempted to get some leverage off of sank deeper and deeper. At one point my skis were at waist level and I thought, “Thank God I’m by myself.” I mean, I could have used a helping hand but I don’t think I would have been able to stand the embarrassment. When my friends called
out to me a few minutes later I yelled back “I’m all good!” (And by “good” I meant “I’m all limbs, ski gear and camera in a tangled morass of fluffy white quicksand.” I felt that the pressure was on and I

I felt that the pressure was on and I remembered that age old trick of packing the snow down with your skis to form a base underneath you. And with that, it all started coming back to me: bend your knees, overexpose by a stop to compensate for the overcast light, and avoid falling in deep powder trees.

Day one. Many lessons. Can’t wait for the rest of the season.