Ski Camping – A Crazy Family Adventure?

Ever since moving to Vancouver Island 3 years ago – I’ve daydreamed about ski camping. I wondered if I was crazy thinking up such wild family adventures…especially with a 5 1/2 year old and an almost 2 year old.

You see, ski camping with young kids could really only happen if weather conditions were perfect. It had to be mild and sunny-ish on the coast…but there also had to be enough snow at Mt. Washington to ski! Our past two ski attempts at Mt. Washington had failed due to snow conditions.

But last week, the universe conspired and we had a short window of sunny weather, and great spring skiing. And to help convince my husband that this was a good idea…we got to test out his parents little ski-cabin on wheels (rockwood pop-up camper).


So we headed up to a little campsite just north of Courtenay on Seal Bay. We stayed out for 4 nights and 5 days. We skied, we biked, we hung out at the beach…oh, and we swam! (at the local rec centre) Here’s some of the photos from this awesome family adventure!

First day on the run the bike for Clio!

ski camping vancouver island

Calm evening sunset…

family skiing mt. washington

Happy parents. Tired kids.


Very sleepy little girl.


Happy sun-shiny spring skiing!


sunrise ski camping vancouver island

At home I usually curse the kids being up so early – but this particular morning I was extremely happy for the wake-up call.


Oliver and Cam hanging out at camp.


I love camping!


brother and sister camp laughing

I hope these two continue to make each other laugh their entire lives. These photos warm my heart.



Happy Campers

Happy Campers!


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