Hiking Holmes Peak with the kids

When Clio was a baby – our go to family adventure was hiking Mt. Doug. We knew it well, and at that stage, day-to-day life could go sideways any minute – so it felt easy to stick to a trail we knew well.

Now that she is coming close to her second birthday (and we’re more-or-less well rested again) – we’re starting to feel a little more adventurous! So we went out a couple weeks ago to check out the 2.2km Holmes Peak hike in Gowland Todd Provincial Park. It took us pretty much exactly 2 hours to get up to the top and back with a good half-hour lunch up top and a good number of breaks along the way.

The elevation gain was 115 meters  – so it was pretty impressive when we realized that little Clio had hiked most of the trail. We have a rule with our kids on the trail that they are allowed to stop and have as many breaks as they like…they’re just not allowed to whine! Oh – and we always keep some sort of special treat/bribe back in the car to help motivate their little legs on the way back.

All in all – it was a fantastic hike, with a little look-out/lunch spot up top. We’ll definitely do it again!

Learning about leaves!

They’re so adorable right now – it hurts sometimes!

Learning to read the map…”I am where?”

Oooh. I am here!

Taking a break. All three of them sat down randomly on the trail like this. I had to take a photo.

Clio & Cam.

Lunch at the top!

Oliver checking out the view.

Check out my sweet socks!

Giant steps!


Here’s a link to all the trail info on Victoria trails.


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