Hiking to the Pesuta Shipwreck

At one point a few days before our trip – I was looking up things of interest in Haida Gwaii and came across a photo of the Pesuta Shipwreck. I read about the 10km hike and thought – we should probably do that!

The Pesuta has been on the shore of East Beach since 1928. It apparently ran ashore in a winter storm and all that’s left of the 264 ft long log barge is what you can see on the beach.

Since the sun doesn’t seem to set until after 10pm – our best bet for catching some nice light was in the morning. We checked the tide charts and decided on an 8am departure.

The first half of the trail winds through a lush forest, following the edge of the Tlell River. After about 2.5km the trail spits you out onto the bank of the river, which you follow to the ocean…and ultimately the shipwreck.

The shape of the river as it entered the ocean was so beautiful. I wish I could have gotten an ariel photo to show you.

We approached the shipwreck and the tide was out. I was hoping that we would get there with just a little bit of water splashing around – but we were a little bit late.

So we both got to work and for the next hour or so – we didn’t really talk much. We were just in our own little worlds studying the ship and creating photos.



Eventually other people started walking down the beach and we decided we were ready to go. We knew we wanted to spend some time in the forest on the way back. We hustled back by the river bend and then took our time in the forest.

We made it back to the Bongo at 2pm. 6 hours after we left. Waay longer than we expected – but totally worth it!


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