Mel and Heather’s Excellent Haida Gwaii Adventure

Last year Heather and I were throwing around the idea of doing another road trip. Originally we had talked about a Utah/Arizona destination – but when it came time to planning, we discussed maybe staying in Canada because of the dollar.

Mel, Heather, Bongo Friendee & Monty Starr (canoe)

Heather asked me what I thought about Haida Gwaii. I immediately thought “YES!” – but had to check in with Cam to make sure it was cool with him (HG has been on his “list” for a long time too). Cam is awesome, gave me thumbs up and the planning began.

Actually – we didn’t really do much planning, other than pick dates and book ferries. We were both so wrapped up with life and work, we didn’t have time!

So, two days ago we packed up the “Bongo” and left Victoria.

(The Bongo is the camper van Cam and I imported from Japan a couple of months ago. We bid on it in an on-line auction and had it shipped to us. We bought it pretty much because it’s called a “Bongo Friendee“. How awesome is that?!?)



Heather is the first to break out the camera.

A much needed paddle after a long day in the car. Greeny Lake Rec Site. Lots of mosquitos. But pretty!

Greeny Lake as the sun is going down.

Good Morning Road Trip Day 2! I was up at 4:30am. One loon sounds amazing in the morning. But 15 to 20 loons at 4:30am is pretty intense. It was like we were in an over-the-top Canadian heritage moment commercial.

Made some coffee on a road side stop. Couldn’t get the small pots or the big stove out of the back. So we made do…

Morning coffee at Heritage Village Site Lookout.

Hard to pass up a pretty field with some pretty horses.

And we’re off!

(the only photo so far that I regret not taking is the one at the ferry terminal where I came back from the bathroom and saw Heather and the Bongo in an empty parking lot…Heather was yelling “LET’S GOOOOOO!!!!!!”. I ran, jumped in the van, Heather stepped on the gas and we both started laughing about how that was the perfect start to our roadtrip)

Follow our trip on instagram: @melissawelshphotography (DSLR pics) and @melissawelshlife (iphone pics)


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