I feel like I am successful. I have been shooting for 16 years and have run my business full time for 8. While I don’t make a ridiculous amount of money, my business has provided me with everything I’ve needed and most things I’ve wanted: a house and land, plenty of travel, lots of play and time with family and friends. Throughout my journey as an entrepreneur, I have been able maintain a sense of balance in my life and feel blessed to be making a living doing what I love.


I’ve built my business slowly, with plenty of help from mentors along the way. I studied photography at Fanshawe college, wrote a business plan and continue to educate myself through reading, coursework and seminars. I feel that all of these things have and continue to impact my career in a positive way.

I have so many thoughts and ideas about the photography industry and I am hoping this is the right venue for them. Through my own successes, mistakes and ideas I want to share my experiences with photographers; emerging & established in hopes I can help them the way my mentors helped me.

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