The Golden Spruce Trail, Haida Gwaii

The Golden Spruce Trail was a short, powerful hike – just outside of Port Clements. I’m not sure we would have gone if a fellow camper at Misty Meadows hadn’t told us it was worth it. The trail head was just a few minutes down a logging road with a little pull-out to park. We began wandering through, looking at the big trees. I had brought my camera equipment, intending to shoot – but after reading the first interpretive sign, I was brought to tears. I didn’t feel like shooting. I just wanted to be there.

I wandered around and ended up at the side of the Yakoun River. It was tea coloured, almost black and so quiet. You could hear the raindrops softly hitting the water. I just sat there and cried.

I don’t really know why. I found myself feeling grounded and deeply questioning all the choices I was making in my life. I had only about 10 minutes to myself before a small hiking tour showed up. I listened to the story about the Golden Spruce and finally felt okay about taking some photographs.

The Yakoun River and what is left of the Golden Spruce (the dead tree top on the bottom right of the photo)

Just reading this again gets me all teary-eyed.


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