Training for the biggest adventure of my life

My blog has been a little quiet lately, and it’s because I’ve been busy beginning preparations for the biggest adventure of my life…childbirth immediately followed by parenthood. I’ve been documenting my journey and finally have a small collection of images to share. If anyone has any tips on taking photos while giving birth – I’d love to hear them. That’s one thing I haven’t quite wrapped my head around!

December 1st. The “holy $*@#” moment.

A sudden good-bye.
Eight weeks. Determined to do some ski touring. It’s crazy what something the size of a cranberry can do to your lung capacity.

Twelve weeks. I know you may think I’m looking adoringly at my belly. I’m actually saying good by to my skinny jeans.

Thirteen weeks. Cam and I decide we should do some reading.

Ready to rock. The rocking chair given to my parents when I was born, sitting in anticipation.

Seventeen weeks. Not much of a belly to show off…but there’s just enough
there to make my jeans really uncomfortable. Low squats are all the