Travelling to Haida Gwaii – Costs and Itinerary

For those of you contemplating a roadtrip to Haida Gwaii – Here is our itinerary and what we spent on the trip!

12 days, 2700KM, and about $2590!


Day One: 583 KM Victoria to Greeny Lake Rec Site

Greeny Lake Rec Site. Managed to get a paddle in before the sun set.

Day Two: 725KM Greeny Lake Rec Site to Smithers Municipal Campground

Morning view from the tent in the Smithers Campground.

Day Three: 348KM Smithers to Prince Rupert. Boarded the 10pm ferry for Skidegate.

Heather after having to back the van onto the ferry!

Day Four: 125KM Skidegate to Tow Hill

The view from the lookout on Tow Hill.

Day Five: 88.8 KM Tow Hill to Tlell (Misty Meadows Campground)

Riding Bikes on Tow Hill Rd.

Day Six: 72KM Hiked the Pesuta Trail, then drove from Tlell to Haida Museum and back

Day Seven: 116KM Tlell to Golden Spruce Trail (44KM return), paddled the Yakoun River and then drove to Mosquito Lake on Moresby Island (72KM)

Day Eight: 44km Swam and paddled Mosquito Lake for the day, then drove from Mosquito Lake rec site to Kagan Bay Rec Site

Swimming in Mosquito Lake

Day Nine: 102km Hiked part of the Sleeping Beauty trail, then drove from Kagan Bay to Tlell (and back) (Went for espresso and the farmers market)

Kagan Bay Rec Site. Free, waterfront and 10 min from the ferry!

Day Ten: 11km + ferry Kagan Bay to Prince Rupert (10am ferry, arrived at 5pm)

Day Eleven: Prince Rupert to Port Hardy (8am ferry, arrived at 11:00pm – Inside Passage Ferry)

We watched the sunset our first night and our last night of our trip…(the sun set after 10pm every other night!)

Day Twelve: 497KM Port Hardy to Victoria

Home again. Safe at last!


We could have saved some money if we had decided to drive back home – but we figured it may be a once-in-a-lifetime trip – so we took the inside passage ferry back, which saved us a bunch of driving time…but cost us $1054. We also learned that if you have a flexible schedule – the ferries can often accommodate about 12 standby vehicles. (For the 8pm ferry, you’d want to be there mid-afternoon) So we could have saved a few hundred bucks in reservation fees.

Ferries: $1803.55

Victoria to Tsawwassen: $89.20

Graham Island to Moresby Island (Return): $43.90

Prince Rupert to Skidegate (Return): $616.30

Prince Rupert to Port Hardy: $1054.15

Gas: $421.11

Camping: $90 ( A lot of rec sites were free!)

Food: $180 (Groceries) + 2 dinners out in Prince Rupert

Liquor: $59.04

Misc: $35.96 (camp fuel, sunscreen etc.)

Total: $2590.24


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Cost & Itinerary

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